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Lace is the synergy of vocalist Mana Contractor, drummer Navneet Rao, bassist Connor Coram, and guitarist Sidhant Jain. Together, they stitch together their diverse influences including neo-soul, funk, jazz and South-Indian music into a tapestry of complex grooves, gliding vocals, and lush harmonies.

They are currently promoting their first EP Liar’s Notebook.

At the heart of Liar’s Notebook is a storyscape that takes the listener on a journey into the world of a universal protagonist. The story straddles mountains of adversity and euphoria as the protagonist navigates this world and interacts with a host of unnamed cast members. According to the band, the EP’s underlying current is deception. “It’s about the lies we believe, the lies we tell ourselves, and the lies that are told to us.” Each track is immersive and mesmerising in its own unique way. The opening track titled “Liar Liar” packages pop sensibilities inside a tight funk groove that eventually transforms into a chorus of rolling melodies, rhythmic textures and dazzling vocals. “Lima” acts as an abstract sonic bridge into “Bird,” which lifts off into a soulful atmosphere featuring sensational solos from the instrumental members. “Remember” brings the listener back down to Earth with honest and authentic lyricism layered over patient guitars, sly bass lines and rhythmic movement that will leave any listener’s hips swinging back and forth.

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